We are located at:

Delboy's Bar

Edificio Del Rey
Ctra. S'Arenal Gran

Playa Portinatx

San Juan de Labritja


Ibiza, Baleares


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Early season - Lottie, Brian, Jodie, Marc, Beverley and Brad



Family Games Night - the kids are having great fun turning their daddies into mummies.

Craig is trying his best to hide behind his wig, lol



Vicky and Helena looking very smart in their Delboy's tops



Portinatx Fiesta - Lottie and Marc



Dayne and the Geordies are in town - look at the swans on Pear.



Dave Rawson's 'Professional Comedy Hypnotist Show'

Here the volunteers are going through the selection process



Tricky Micky's Alternative Quiz and Fun Night - early attempts at the 'Open the Locks' challenge



Billie was the first to win the challenge

She successfully opened all six locks from a bunch of seven unmarked keys (one of which did not fit any lock)

in only 60 seconds



Gemma, on the right with the birthday hat on - and the rubber ring, celebarting her birthday

The beach-themed party started at midnight!!



Fiona, Alan, Dave, Claire & Billie

Look at all the booze on that table - bet they're from Luton



Marc behind the bar



Dave Rawson's 'Push the Buzzer Quiz' - a very popular night and fun for all ages



Brian, Marc & Lottie with the Poole family (Louise, Martin, Jack & Jake)

They originally visited Delboy's during their first holiday together, 15 years ago.

This year they were celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary.

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