We are located at:

Delboy's Bar

Edificio Del Rey
Ctra. S'Arenal Gran

Playa Portinatx

San Juan de Labritja


Ibiza, Baleares


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Posing on the terrace



Workers in togas .... pretty cool - and not one of the sheets came from the Hotel lol



Lee, Mandi P, Bianca, Travis and Karina



The toga crew



The Southwood boys - Marc, Paul, Brad & Brian



Go Travis - Eeevrrry day I'm shuuuufffflin



Portinatx Fiesta Beach Party

Brian, Beverley and Marc



Portinatx Fiesta Beach Party

Elena, Marga, Carolina, Patti and Beverley






Staff photo - clockwise from the top left, Marc, Brian, Brad, Chef Rafa, Jodie, Celi & Beverley


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