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Delboy's Bar

Edificio Del Rey
Ctra. S'Arenal Gran

Playa Portinatx

San Juan de Labritja


Ibiza, Baleares


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Great karaoke session during August, on the mike is Pete who was Ian Dury.
His 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick' was legendary.



Brian and Marc make a Beverley sandwich                                   Jack and Michael, back in June



Nice party outfit, we also see Kenny in the background with another 'victim' in the dentist's chair Sangria challenge



Oops up side your head, from August                                           Good to see everybody concentrating on karaoke



Kenny, Phil & Marc with Rachel & Rosie from Swansea               Nanci & Lou



Da Gang, Da Car 'n Da Marc





The Welsh and The Brummies take over the floor


    Nice outfit Adam                                                                        



Inside the Bar


                                                                                                      Marc having a stretch



Staff May 2005 - Nanci, Brian, Beverley, Marc and Kenny



Beverley, Nanci and Lou with a relaxing drink at the end of a long day



Brian, Phil, Amanda, Kenny, Nanci, Brad and Beverley modelling Delboys teeshirts



The Terrace



Juan, Phil and Marc sitting on the bar, Nanci, Lesley, Juana, Beverley, Brian and Eddie



Evan and Mark


   Kenny, Phil and Marc



Marc, Beverley, Brian and Brad - The whole family



Our closing night on the 31st October, all the tourists had gone by this time,

nly us and the reps left in the resort (and Osama Bin Marc).

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