We are located at:

Delboy's Bar

Edificio Del Rey
Ctra. S'Arenal Gran

Playa Portinatx

San Juan de Labritja


Ibiza, Baleares


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Delboys first opened it's doors in the early 1990's.

Ollie and Kim Delboy (yes it's their real name) were on holiday in Portinatx and although they loved the place they noticed that although there were plenty of English visitors to Portinatx, there wasn't an 'English' bar in the resort. Many people visit Spain for their holidays, generally for the sun and the beaches, but prefer to eat the type of food they are more familiar with, particularly if they have children.

Ever the businessman (like the other Del Boy) Ollie saw a fantastic business opportunity and began discussing the purchase of the 2 units, where the bar is now situated, with the owners. Soon a deal was agreed and all that had to be done then was move lock, stock and barrel to Ibiza. Oh yes, also the monumental task of converting the 2 dark and drearily tiled units into a homely bar/restaurant environment.

To get things moving they had to sell their catering business in Bracknell, Berkshire and begin to think about a School for their two boys.

Beverley & I became sort of nodding acquaintances with Ollie & Kim, in the school car park, sometime during 1990 as our son Marc attended the same Morna Valley International School as their children, Lee and Olver. At the time we were running a bar called Applejac's in Es Cana. During a boozy night out in Ibiza town during the winter we were properly introduced by a mutual friend, and soon discovered we had many more mutual friends and interests. We soon ended up playing for the same dart team in a winter league and spent many a good hour practising darts, pool and drinking. Over the years the two families became close friends and spent a lot of time socialising during the long winter breaks. Barbecues were a particular favourite. In 1991 we ran a bar called Seas (at the Hostal Vista al Mar) also in Es Cana. People who regularly visited Portinatx in the past may have met me before as Ollie convinced Beverley and I to come and work with him and Kim at Delboys in 1992. Beverley and Kim waitressed, I did the bar and the entertainment, Ollie did all the cooking. I had five good seasons at Delboys up until 1996, followed by the 1997 season in the bar at Portisol Apartments also in Portinatx.

October 2004 - Kim, Ollie, Brian & Beverley deep in discussion over the sale of the bar - and as all business meetings should be - finalised over a relaxing and sumptuous meal
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